Character Creation and Advancement

Racial Choices

As this campaign begins on Earth, there are understandably limited racial choices at Character Creation.

  • Humans: As the (supposedly) only sentient race on Earth, these greatly varied individuals are the dominant species on Earth.
  • ATPEBs (Asimovian-Turing Programmed/Engineered Beings): Newly created beings, the ATPEBs, designed by Google, are a new form of robotics. Artificial Intelligence technology, coupled with powerful new cybernetics technology that composes their bodies, all powered by a highly experimental personal-sized Aether engine.

Class Choices and Changes

  • Cleric and Wizard: These classes are currently disallowed for campaign reasons.
  • Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Rogue, Soulknife, Summoner, Wilder, and Witch: Mechanically, all of these classes are unchanged. Descriptions of these classes may be changed to fit into the campaign world. Unchanged Classes
  • Druid: An Urban Druid variant is allowed, and both the Urban variant and the regular Druid are now spontaneous spell casters. Altered Classes
  • Fighter, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, and Sorcerer: These classes have minor changes to them. Altered Classes
  • Artificer: A homebrew class found here, with the changes found here: Altered Classes.
  • Gun Mage: A homebrew class found here.
  • Other classes not mentioned must be approved, both for system compatibility and for campaign compatibility.

Stat Generation

  1. Twenty point buy, as described in the Pathfinder Core Rules, found here.
  2. Start with a fifteen point buy, following the methods outlined here, with the following exception: No stat maybe bought above a score of 17. Then, assign a primary stat; a stat that is the most important to you. Once a primary stat is assigned, roll 6d6 and do NOT sum the results. Instead sort the dice as follows: order the dice according to what was rolled on each die, all of the ones go to strength, all the twos go to dexterity, threes to constitution, fours to intelligence, fives to wisdom, and sixes to charisma. Using the dice as they are assigned, with each die representing a single point, modify the ability scores. If there are insufficient points to increase the score, such as having only 2 dice assigned to a 16, which requires three points to increase to 17, you may cannibalize those dice to increase other scores that also have dice assigned to them, meaning if you did not roll any fives, you may not add ANY dice to your wisdom score. Lastly, increase your primary stat by 1. Note: you cannot increase any score above 18 before racial modifiers regardless of how the dice land; if your primary stat is increased to 18 after adding its dice to it, you must re-assign the primary status to another ability score.
  3. Roll 4d6 thirty-six times, filling a six-by-six grid starting with the leftmost column and filling that column, before moving to the next column, starting at the top once again. Once this grid is completely filled, choose one of the six columns, one of the six rows, or one of the four diagonals. You take these six scores IN ORDER for your ability scores. Note: this method is more likely to be subject GM manipulations and rulings.


Here is a list of the things I would like in your backstory. A backstory is not mandatory, but writing one will net you a bonus Hero Point once complete, one additional bonus feat, as well as allowing me to slightly tailor the campaign to your characters personally. It can be an actual story, written in a narrative style, or a simple list that fulfills the following criteria.

  • Who you are and where you come from; a location, or a general sense of your life, something along those lines.
  • Why were you chosen to be on the Argo? Why were you chosen as the best and brightest of humanity?
  • What is your position on the Argo? Such as your rank (if you are military), or your qualifications (if you are a civilian), what your duties are on the Argo, where do you fit in on the ship, etc… NOTE: Nobody can be the head of your department/command. So nobody is the Commander of the vessel (or the First Mate) or the Chief Medical Officer, or the Chief Engineer. You can however be a pilot, or a doctor, or the second-in-command of a department.
  • What are 5 things that you are afraid of? (ranked in order of severity of fear, with the most severe as #1)
  • What are 4 things that you love dearly, or otherwise feel a great amount of passion for? (love, hate, regret, etc)
  • What are 3 that you are embarrassed about or are embarrassed by?
  • What are 2 things that you are proud of?
  • What is the one thing that you’re willing to kill to keep secret?
  • Which of the 7 Deadly Vices defines you most?
  • Which of the 7 Virtues defines you most?
  • And please provide some sort of visualization of your character; either a picture, a sketch, or a vivid description of your character. I understand that not everyone is not the most artistic (all I can draw are asexual, anorexic nudists) but something for me (and others) to get a mental picture of your character is ideal.
  • Edit: And yeah, I want an alignment too please. Thanks

Character Creation and Advancement

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