• (Core) Arcane Armor Training and Arcane Armor Mastery: These feats automatically decrease the Arcane Spell Failure chance for casting in armor; expenditure of a swift action is unneeded and unnecessary. Also, these feats do not have a minimum caster level requirement.
  • (Psionics Unleashed) Brutal Warrior: The prerequisites for this feat are reduced to three levels in Psychic Warrior and Fighter, rather than five levels in each.
  • (Core) Deadly Aim: When used with a crossbow, the trade-off increases from a +2 to damage per -1 penalty to attack rolls, to a +3 to damage per -1 penalty to attack rolls, effectively treating Deadly Aim as Power Attack, bows as weapons wielded with a single hand, and crossbows acting as weapons wielded with both hands.
  • (Core) Far Shot: This feat now acts as the sum of the 3.5 feat (50% increase in the size of the range increment of missile weapons and 100% increase in the size of the range increment of thrown weapons) and the Pathfinder feat (decrease penalty for multiple range increments to a -1 per range increment).
  • (APG) Perfect Strike: This feat now applies to all monk weapons.
  • (Core) Vital Strike: This entire feat chain is now collapsed into a single feat that scales appropriately with BAB.


  • (New) Extra Second Wind: Benefit: You can catch your second wind one additional time per day, but you can still only catch one second wind per encounter. You can take this feat multiple times; each time you take this feat, you can catch a second wind one additional time per day.
  • (Converted and Altered, RoS) Deflective Armor: Prerequisites: Armor Training, Expanded Path, Brutal Warrior. Benefit: While you are psionically focused and wearing armor, the AC bonus from your armor (including any enhancement bonuses) applies against touch attacks as well as regular attacks.

Allowed Feats (From 3.5)

  • (From 3.5, CW) Flying Kick: Prerequisites: Strength 13, 1 rank of Acrobatics, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack. Benefit: You do +1d12 damage when you Charge & end with an Unarmed Strike.
  • (From 3.5, RoF) Hammer Fist: Prerequisites: Strength 15, Power Attack. Benefit: You add one and half times your Strength bonus on your damage when you hit with an unarmed strike. This extra damage does not apply when Two Weapon Fighting, or when you are holding anything in either of your hands. You must use both hands to make the unarmed attack.
  • (From 3.5, ToB) Superior Unarmed Strike: Prerequisites: BAB of +3, Improved Unarmed Strike. Benefit: You deal more damage with your unarmed strikes according to the following progression.
    • 3rd level: 1d4
    • 4th – 7th level: 1d6
    • 8th – 11th level: 1d8
    • 12th – 15th level: 1d10
    • 16th – 20th level: 2d6


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