Due to the Planet-Hopping of a Spelljammer campaign, and the fact that all PCs are starting by coming from Earth, here are expansions of the Knowledge skills into the modern day fields of interest

  • Arcana: Physics from a conceptual point of view
  • Dungeoneering: Geology from an individual point of view, Chemistry
  • Engineering: Physics from a practical point of view
  • Geography: Geology (from a large point of view) , Meteorology
  • History: Patterns in history and the like
  • Local: Sociology
  • Nature: Biology
  • Nobility: Psychology
  • Planes: No change
  • Religion: No change
  • Non-Knowledge Skills

  • Fly: Any flying ship

Current Language Equivalencies

  • Common = (Old) English
  • Elvish = Japanese (romaji)
  • Goblin = Russian
  • Infernal = German


The Fifth World Aelan